Electric Tow Cars/Trucks List – Updated Jan 2023

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Below I’ve listed current and upcoming electric cars which either have an official tow rating or have the potential to tow (non-US tow rating). Click on the title for each car to go its specific post with more details. I’ll be updating the list and the individual vehicle posts over time with updates on towing examples/reviews etc. I’ve separated the cars below by towing capacity in ascending order, with an unofficial US towing capacity category at the bottom. I hope the information below can help you to find your next electric tow car. 🙂

  • BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle
  • PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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Best Electric Tow Cars/Trucks For Various Budgets

Electric Tow Car Guide

Please click the link above to go to my article on what I believe to currently be the best electric tow cars under various budgets, under $40K, under $50K etc. Under each category, I discuss various other contenders to provide more context on why I chose a particular electric tow car as the best option for each budget. While focused on BEVs where applicable I also provide an alternative PHEV option.

Towing Capacity Up To 1,500 lbs

With a towing capacity of up to 1,500 lbs that means there are several teardrop trailers/campers you would be able to tow. You could also potentially tow a lightweight boat/inflatable or a small cargo trailer, such as a 4×8 U-Haul cargo trailer.

PHEV: Ford Escape Plug-in – Towing Capacity 1,500 lbs

Ford Escape PHEV
Image – Ford.com

While the Ford Escape PHEV has a pretty decent EV range of 37 miles as rated by the EPA there are a couple of areas where the vehicle is lacking. For instance, only FWD is available, no AWD option. Furthermore, the EV motor only produces 118 HP.

PHEV: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Towing Capacity 1,500 lbs

Image – MitsubishiCars.com

The latest version (Gen 2) of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a larger 20kWh battery for a more practical EV range of 38 miles. Power is reasonable (248 HP), and seven seats are provided. However, the 1,500 lb towing capacity is disappointing.

BEV: Nissan Ariya – Towing Capacity 1,500 lbs

Nissan Ariya
Image – Nissanusa.com

The Nissan Ariya is set to launch in 2021, with predicted pricing starting from around $40,000. The Ariya will feature much-improved power, battery capacity and battery management over Nissan’s first EV the Leaf. With ranges from 210 miles up to 285 ish miles. When towing expect the range to be roughly 50% less.

Towing Capacity Up To 2,000 lbs

With a towing capacity up to 2,000 lbs, a wider range of RV campers/trailers becomes available. Furthermore, a larger range of heavier boats could also be towed via a trailer. A larger cargo trailer could also be viable, such as the 5×8 U-Haul cargo trailer.

BEV: Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Towing Capacity 1,650 lbs

Hyundai IONIQ 5
Image – Hyundai.com

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a uniquely styled compact SUV with some pretty impressive specs/features. For instance, the IONIQ 5 features both 400V and 800V charging technology for DC rapid charging up to 221kW. However, the US-spec towing capacity is a disappointment compared to EU/UK versions.

PHEV: Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-in – Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs

Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV
Image – Hyundaiusa.com

The Santa Fe PHEV is the larger vehicle option from Hyundai if you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid but the Tucson isn’t big enough or you prefer the more traditional styling of the Santa Fe. However, its power output, battery capacity and towing capacity are the same as the Tucson’s at 2,000 lbs.

PHEV: Hyundai Tucson Plug-in – Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs

Hyundai Tucson PHEV
Image – Hyundaiusa.com

With an EPA rated EV range of 33 miles the Hyundai Tucson PHEV is not class-leading, but its offering a practical EV range for the compact SUV segment. The same goes for the towing capacity at 2,000 lbs. However, where the Hyundai Tucson PHEV stands out is its mechanical AWD system.

PHEV: Lexus NX 450h+ – Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs

Lexus NX 450h+
Image – Lexus.com

The 37 miles of EPA rated EV range of the Lexus NX 450h+ is superior to many of its compact luxury SUV competition. However, its not as good as the 42 miles found in its cheaper sibling the Toyota RAV4 Prime, and a lower towing capacity.

BEV: Polestar 2 – Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs

Polestar 2
Image – Polestar.com

The Polestar brand is a subsidiary of Volvo with the Polestar 2 being their first full EV based on a fastback design. Featuring AWD and an EPA range of 249 miles, hence a predicted 50% towing range of 125 miles and 150 kW fast charging. The Polestar 2 shares the same EV platform as the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

PHEV: Volvo S60 & V60 Recharge – Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs

Volvo S60 & V60 Recharge
Images – Volvocars.com

Volvo has been selling PHEVs for many years. However, I feel its only with the latest versions of their PHEVs (late 2022 model year) they are offering a practical/viable EV range. The S60 (sedan) and V60 (wagon) Recharge now get an official EV EPA range of 41 miles and both can tow a trailer/RV up to 2,000lbs.

Towing Capacity Up To 3,000 lbs

Being able to tow 3,000 lbs means much larger camping trailers can be considered. It obviously also means a wider range of boats/recreational vehicles can be towed. In terms of cargo trailers, something like the twin-axle 5×10 U-Haul cargo trailer could be used.

BEV: KIA EV6 – Towing Capacity 2,300 lbs

Image – KIA.com

The KIA EV6 shares the same dedicated EV platform as the Hyundai IONIQ 5, and therefore shares similar specifications such as the towing capacity. However, the EV6 does feature a slightly faster 233kW DC charging rate and also is offered in GT spec with AWD and 577 BHP/546 lb-ft of torque.

PHEV: Toyota RAV4 Prime – Towing Capacity 2,500 lbs

Toyota RAV4 Prime
Image – Toyota.com

The RAV4 Prime is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and combines a 2.5L gas engine with multiple electric motors. The result is a combined power output of 302 HP which makes the RAV4 Prime the second-fastest Toyota on sale today behind the Supra. The RAV4 Prime can also tow up to 2,500 lbs.

BEV: VW ID.4 – Towing Capacity of 2,700 lbs

Image – VW.com

The ID.4 is the first EV from VW to hit the US which was designed as an electric vehicle from the ground up. The AWD Pro variant which can tow will be available in mid-2022. The EPA range of 249 miles would provide an estimated average towing range of 125 miles. Max charging at 125kW via DC fast charger.

Towing Capacity Up To 4,000 lbs

As you would expect, with a higher towing capacity a further range of campers/travel trailers are a potential option. Furthermore, pretty much the full range of U-Haul cargo/utility trailers can now be towed.

BEV: Volvo XC40 Recharge – Towing Capacity 3,300 lbs

Volvo XC40 Recharge
Image – Volvocars.com

The XC40 Recharge is the full EV version of the very popular/award-winning internal combustion XC40. The Recharge shares the same battery/motors as the Polestar 2. The EPA range for the car is 208 miles. Therefore, the estimated 50% towing range will be 104 miles. The maximum charge rate is 150 kW.

BEV: Cadillac Lyriq – Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs

Cadillac Lyriq
Image – Cadillac.com

While we now know the later AWD version of the Cadillac Lyriq will be rated to tow, its unclear if the initial RWD version has an official towing capacity at all. In terms of other specs, Cadillac ‘estimates’ and EPA range in excess of 300 miles from its 100kWh battery and it comes with 190kW DC rapid charging.

BEV: Tesla Model Y – Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs

Tesla Model Y
Image- Tesla.com

While the Model Y shares roughly 75% of its components with the Model 3, only the Model Y has an official US tow rating. Starting at just over $50,000 and featuring AWD. The Long Range Model Y has an EPA range of 326 miles and a predicted towing range of roughly 163 miles. Tesla benefits from its own fast-charging network and the Model Y can charge from a V3 Supercharger at up to 220 kW.

PHEV: Volvo XC60 Recharge – Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs

Volvo XC60 Recharge
Image – Volvocars.com

Volvo has updated all of its PHEVs with a larger 18.8kWh battery which means the latest version of the Volvo XC60 Recharge has an EPA EV range of 36 miles. When it comes to towing capacity the XC60 has a rating of 3,500lbs.

BEV: Audi E-Tron – Towing Capacity 4,000 lbs

Audi E-Tron
Image – Audi.com

The Audi E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback are large SUV full electric vehicles with large 95kW battery packs that also feature an impressive 4,000 lb maximum towing capacity. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the electric drive train is not so impressive.

BEV: Fisker Ocean – Towing Capacity 4,000 lbs

Fisker Ocean
Image – Fisker.com

The Fisker Ocean will be a compact SUV designed by Henrik Fisker who has previously designed such iconic cars as the Aston Martin DB9. While final production model details are yet to be confirmed specifications and pricing is looking to be very competitive if not market-leading.

Towing Capacity Up To 5,000 lbs

Some pretty large true family-sized campers become available with a towing capacity up to 5,000lbs, here are some examples. With a towing capacity this large being able to tow another vehicle such as a track car etc also becomes possible. Check out the U-Haul Auto Transport as an example.

BEV: Tesla Model X – Towing Capacity 5,000 lbs

Tesla Model X
Image – Tesla.com

The Tesla Model X was the first electric tow car you could buy, with a towing capacity up to 5,000 lbs on 20″ wheels. The Model X is a large seven-seater AWD SUV which has been on sale since 2015. With various revisions/upgrades, the real-world range/towing range does differ depending on the specific version. Latest versions have an EPA range of up to 371 miles (up to 186 miles towing).

PHEV: Volvo XC90 Recharge – Towing Capacity 5,000 lbs

Volvo XC90 Recharge
Image – Volvocars.com

When it comes to large SUV PHEVs with 7 seats they are currently few and far between. To be honest, off the top of my head the only example I currently know of is the Volvo XC90 Recharge. The latest version of the XC90 Recharge has a 35 mile EPA EV range and a 5,000 lb towing capacity.

Towing Capacity Up To 6,000 lbs

PHEV: Range Rover (5th Gen) – Towing Capacity 5,511 lbs

range Rover PHEV
Image – Landroverusa.com

With the new 5th generation of Range Rover, there is a new PHEV on the way, the P440e. This latest Range Rover PHEV is estimated to have a much better EPA rated EV range at 48 miles. Towing capacity is yet to be officially confirmed, but I’m pretty confident it will be around 5,511 lbs.

PHEV: BMW X5 xDrive45e – Towing Capacity 5,952 lbs

BMW X5 xDrive45e
Image – BMWusa.com

The latest version of the BMW X5 PHEV is a little disappointing. While UK/EU specification vehicles get a pure EV range of 54 miles the US version has a much lower usable battery capacity resulting in an EPA rated EV range of just 31 miles. The towing capacity was also downgraded from over 7,000 lbs to under 6,000 lbs.

Towing Capacity Up To 8,000 lbs

BEV: GMC Hummer EV – Towing Capacity 7,500 lbs

GMC Hummer EV
Image – GMC.com

I don’t think the 7,500 lb towing capacity lives up the ‘Super Truck’ marketing though it is one of the largest EV’s on the market with 1,000 HP and a fast charge rate up to 350 kW. So lot’s of power for towing but the GMC stated range of 326 miles is less than the originally claimed range of 350+ miles.

BEV: Rivian R1S – Towing Capacity 7,700 lbs

Rivian R1S
Image – Rivian.com

The Rivian R1S is a large fully electric SUV and sibling to the R1T electric pickup truck below. When the R1S launches it will offer the highest towing capacity of any electric SUV to date. While that is impressive, as the R1S is built on the same electric platform as the R1T its disappointing that the R1S has a towing capacity significantly below the 11,000 lbs of the R1T.

Towing Capacity Over 10,000 lbs

With this category, we essentially jump over from electric tow cars to electric tow trucks. These are the EV’s you want if you want to pull some really heavy loads. Whether its a leisure trailer/camper or a commercial trailer these are the most capable EV’s for towing.

BEV: Chevrolet Silverado EV – Towing Capacity 10,000 lbs

Chevrolet Silverado EV
Image – Chevrolet.com

The Silverado EV is built on a dedicated EV platform very similar to that of the GMC Hummer EV. Its therefore slightly odd that this smaller electric truck has higher towing capacity!? The range of the Silverado EV is stated to be 400 miles (around 200 miles towing) with DC rapid charging up to 350kW.

BEV: Ford F-150 Lightning – Towing Capacity 10,000 lbs

Image – Ford.com

When it comes to trucks in general Ford have been the market leader for over 40 years. Therefore, the F-150 Lightning is going to be a very important player in the EV truck market. There is a lot to like about the features/capabilities of this fully electric truck, though Level 3 DC rapid charging rates are a concern.

BEV: Rivian R1T – Towing Capacity 11,000 lbs

Rivian R1T
Image – Rivian.com

Rivian was established back in 2009 but only made their electric vehicle intentions known in 2018 when they first showed off the R1T electric pickup truck. The R1T is now being delivered to customers with an EPA range of 314 miles (150 ish miles towing). I’ve included a real-world towing example in the article.

BEV: Tesla Cybertruck – Towing Capacity 14,500 lbs

Tesla Cybertruck
Image – Tesla.com

The Tesla Cybertruck is becoming one of the most iconic/controversial EV’s. If the styling of the Cybertruck is put to one side, its towing capabilities are looking to be very compelling. With a predicted range up to 500+ miles and potentially around 250 miles towing the Cybertruck would likely become the EV towing market leader.

US vs UK Electric Tow Car Comparisons

Image – BMWusa.com

There are some electric cars that have not been given an official tow rating in the US, but have elsewhere such as the UK and EU. Furthermore, there are some electric cars which are rated to tow in the US but their towing capacity is significantly less than their UK/EU sibling vehicles.