Rivian R1T Towing A Trailer In Winter (Range Test)

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Its pretty commonly known by now that when EVs tow, they use up considerably more range than when they’re not towing. However, add in adverse weather, and the efficiency reduction/range loss can be even more considerable. Here we have a winter towing test with the Rivian R1T towing a 10,000 lb trailer. The result was a towing range below 100 miles and just 0.71 miles per kWh.

Here, we have a real-world winter towing test with the Rivian R1T

Key EV Towing Example Results

  • Vehicle: Rivian R1T
  • EPA Range: 328 miles
  • Max Towing Capacity: 11,000 lbs
  • Towing Rig: 10,000 lb Car Transporter
  • Total Usable Battery Capacity: 135 kWh
  • Efficiency Towing: 0.71 miles per kWh
  • Max Towing Range: 96 miles

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Rivian R1T Towing Notes

After driving his Rivian R1T around 7,000 miles, the truck has an efficiency figure of 2.05 miles per kWh. The ‘general rule’ when towing is to expect half the typical range/efficiency.

Therefore, you could make a reasonable guess at an efficiency of just over 1 mile per kWh. However, this is a winter towing test with a really heavy trailer at highway speeds…

The Rivian R1T easily accelerated up to highway speeds (around 65 mph) even when towing 10,000 lbs due to it having over 800 bhp.

What was very odd during this test was the Rivian R1T increased its range estimate considerably after towing the trailer on the highway, projecting over 200 miles.

It then got even weirder though, with the Rivian projecting over 635 miles or range remaining!? Then, after 52 miles of driving, the Rivian projected 92 miles of remaining range.

At this point in the video (7.48), we get to see the efficiency results, and the Rivian R1T achieved just 0.71 miles per kWh. That would produce a towing range of just 96 miles.

When attempting to charge, Zack’s first attempt found a load of ICE vehicles parked in the charging stalls, but on his second attempt, he actually ended up with a pull-through charger. The holly-grail of chargers when towing with an EV.

Unfortunately, it was not a rapid charger. It was only a ‘fast charger.’ Add on top of that the software issue with the Rivian, which wasn’t displaying the range properly at all.

Trailer Towing Notes

This is a towing test with a car transporter loaded up with an old military Hummer that has been converted to an EV. Therefore, the total weight of the trailer/Hummer is around 10,000 lbs.

While towing a Hummer on the back of a trailer is probably not creating as much aerodynamic drag as towing a large camper/RV. I would not describe this towing rig as aerodynamic.

Weather/Terrain Notes

The weather for this test was just above freezing point, hence, around 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celcius). So, this definitely counts as a winter towing test.

Therefore, energy is being used to heat the cabin etc, taking away energy for range.

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