US vs UK Electric Tow Car Comparisons

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You may have noticed I have a few articles on this site of US specification vehicles where I’ll state my disappointment in the officially rated towing capacity compared to the UK/EU version of the same vehicle. Therefore, I thought I would create this article showing the differences within an easy to read table with links to my article on each vehicle. Some vehicles have no official tow rating in the US at all, while others have a slight or significant reduction in towing capacity compared to UK/EU versions. Right, let’s get into this!

The BMW iX is the most prominent example of the disparity between towing specifications in the US (none) and the UK (5,511 lbs): Image –

Introduction To US vs UK Electric Tow Car Comparisons

If you weren’t already aware this site ( focuses on the towing specifications of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) sold in the US.

I have a separate site ( where I discuss the towing specifications and capabilities of BEVs and PHEVs sold in the UK, but the specifications are also generally the same as vehicles sold in the EU.

I’m aware that some US vehicle owners tow trailers when their car has no official tow rating. However, there may be safety, legal and insurance-based implications in doing so.

The table below shows the different US and UK official towing specifications for different vehicles with links to my articles on the applicable website. While in the UK the towing specification is stated in kilograms (kg) I’ve converted the figure to pounds (lbs) for easy comparison.

US vs UK Electric Tow Car Comparison Table

Please note, in the table below I’ve stated the maximum towing capacity for each vehicle. Many of the vehicles below have different battery and powertrain options which influence their rated towing capacity. The list of vehicles below is in alphabetical order.

BEV or PHEV?US VehicleUS Tow RatingUK VehicleUK Tow Rating
BEVAudi E-Tron 50/554,000 lbsAudi E-Tron 50/553,968 lbs
BEVAudi Q4 E-TronNoneAudi Q4 E-Tron2,645 lbs
BEVBMW i4NoneBMW i43,527 lbs
PHEVBMW X5 xDrive 45e5,952 lbsBMW X5 xDrive 45e5,952 lbs
BEVBMW iXNoneBMW iX5,511 lbs
BEVFord Mustang Mach-ENoneFord Mustang Mach-E1,653 lbs
BEVHyundai IONIQ 52,000 lbsHyundai IONIQ 53,527 lbs
BEVJaguar I-PaceNoneJaguar I-Pace1,653 lbs
PHEVLexus NX450h+2,000 lbsLexus NX450h+3,300 lbs
BEVKIA EV62,300 lbsKIA EV63,527 lbs
BEVNissan Ariya1,500 lbsNissan Ariya3,300 lbs
BEVMercedes EQSNoneMercedes EQS1,653 lbs
BEVPolestar 22,000 lbsPolestar 2 3,300 lbs
PHEVRange Rover P440e5,511 lbsRange Rover P440e5,511 lbs
BEVTesla Model 3NoneTesla Model 32,204 lbs
BEVTesla Model Y3,500 lbsTesla Model Y3,527 lbs
BEVTesla Model X5,000 lbsTesla Model X4,960 lbs
PHEVToyota RAV4 Prime2,500 lbsToyota RAV4 PHEV3,300 lbs
BEVVolvo C40 RechargeNoneVolvo C40 Recharge3,968 lbs
PHEVVolvo S60 & V602,000 lbsVolvo S60 & V904,409 lbs
PHEVVolvo S90 & V90 NoneVolvo S90 & V904,629 lbs
BEVVolvo XC40 Recharge3,300 lbsVolvo XC40 Recharge3,300 lbs
PHEVVolvo XC60 Recharge3,500 lbsVolvo XC60 Recharge4,960 lbs
PHEVVolvo XC90 Recharge5,000 lbsVolvo XC90 Recharge5,180 lbs
BEVVW ID.42,700 lbsVW ID.42,645 lbs

Please also note, the table above only includes electric cars which are sold in both the US and UK and in at least one country the vehicle is rated to tow.

Vehicles such as certain electric trucks which will be only sold in the US I’ve not included in the list above. Please check my electric tow car/truck list for all vehicles sold in the US with an official tow rating.


Hi, I’m Chris. I own and write all the content on The content above is purely my own personal thoughts/opinions/research and should not be treated as professional advice. I hope you find the content above useful to help you find your future ideal electric tow car or truck.

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